IADP2012 大会参加申込開始のお知らせ


IADP第18回年次大会 第2報(PDFファイル 1.5MB) はこちらからダウンロードできます。 



また、大会内で、「災害臨床プログラム(Disaster Clinical Program:DCP)として、開催地仙台をはじめとする被災地の市民の皆さま、そして日本全国でそれぞれの生活で震災を体験されている市民の皆様にも一般公開する、震災支援プログラムを開催します。共に、災害後の心的外傷(心の傷つき)の問題に取り組みたいと思っております。





① 大会ウェブサイトのオンライン参加申込みページから申し込み

② 同封の申込用紙および領収書に必要事項をご記入の上、大会事務局まで郵送またはFAXでの申し込み




国際力動的心理療法研究会 第18回年次大会事務局
大会会長 小谷 英文
大会事務局長 橋本 和典 

The programs of the IADP 18th annual congress on September1 to 3, has been determined and we deliver you the 2nd announcement, introducing the programs.

The 2nd announcement of IADP 18th annual congress can be downloaded from here.

The information on the congress website has also been renewed so please visit our websaite as well.

This coming annual congress is expected to be more productive and fufilling congress than usual for we have invited many top psychotherapists from inside and outside of the country, including Dr. Bonnie Buchele, who we were able to invite to to the past pre-conference.

Also, in the congress we will host a disaster support program open to public, to citizens affected by the disaster including Sendai, the hosting city, as “Disaster Clinical Program(DCP)”.Together, we hope to address this issue of psychological trauma after the disaster.
We hope to have many of you join us, starting with members of IADP, various specialists concerned with psychological treatment and care, school teachers, nurses, university students and citizens.

Registeration begins from today (July, 5).

 Please contact the headquarters office by mail (iadp@iadp.info), then we will send the application form by mail.
If you register before Saturday, July 21th, you will receive 3,000 yen discount.
We very much hope that many of you join us.

18th annual congress of International Association of Dynamic Psychotherapy
 Congress Chair: Hidefuni Kotani, Ph.D.
 Secretary General: Kazunori Hashimoto, M.A.