B-4, C-2, C-3. Story Making Group(SMG)

災害臨床プログラム ワークショップ【DCP】
アゴラ ワークショップ

Story Making Group(SMG)

  中村 麻耶(PAS心理教育研究所)
  花井 俊紀(PAS心理教育研究所)
  足立 智昭(宮城学院女子大学 教授)
  西浦 和樹(宮城学院女子大学 教授)
  ジュディス・デイビス(Performance Development Associates 代表)

     (午前・午後 2 回開催:片方の参加、2 回の参加、どちらも可能です。) 
   英語グループ:14:30〜17:30 (英語グループのチラシはこちら

言語:B-4, C-2:日本語、C-3:英語(通訳はつきません)   参加対象者:専門家・一般市民




Story Making Group (通称: SMG) は、作家になり切って「物語作り」をする活動を通して、自分の物語、自分の心の世界を表現し、それに触れ、出会い、そして自分の心の中にある新しい活力を取り戻すプログラムです。

震災から1年以上が経ちました。毎日を乗り越えるために、自分の気持ちや体験、記憶に触れない方が力を使いやすいことがあったと思います。その一方で、なにか気になったり、置き去りにしてきている感覚はありませんか? ある場所を避けてしまう、あることを聞くだけで涙が出てきてしまうことはありませんか?



Disaster Clinical Program [DCP]
Workshop in “Agora”

Story Making Group (SMG)
-To gather the thread’s of your own story after experiencing the earthquake and to encounter others’ story-

     Maya Nakamura, M.A. (Institute of Psychoanalytic-Systems Psychotherapy)
     Toshinori Hanai, M.A. (Institute of Psychoanalytic-Systems Psychotherapy)
     Tomoaki Adachi, Ph.D. (Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University)
     Kazuki Nishiura, Ph.D. (Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University)
     Judith Davis, Ph.D. (Performance Development Associates)

Time: 2 times, the morning(9:30-11:30) and an afternoon(14:30-17:30)
         (you can participate in both or any time you like)
         English Group: 14:30-17:30 (The leaflet of English Group is here.)

Language: B-4, C-2: Japanese; C-3: English            Participant: Citizen and Professional


Every person has their own story in their hearts. We have our own stories of our lives.

The Story Making Group (abbr: SMG) is a program where you carry out the activity of “story making” by taking the role of a storyteller. Through this activity you will be able to express your own story, your own world and to touch and encounter it, and even regain a new sense of energy inside yourself.

It has been over a year since the earthquake. To get on with our everyday life, there might have been times that seemed easier not to touch our memories or what we feel, and experience. However, isn’t there a feeling of uneasiness or maybe a feeling of something being left behind? Do you find yourself avoiding certain places or tearing over certain things being mentioned?  

The earthquake is an event that occurred in the midst of each of our life stories. The size and meaning of the earthquake inside the stories of each of us should be different and it is something that cannot be compared. Even so, by being considerate of others, have you not held back to talk about it, not to care about it and have ceased your story in midstream?

Let’s get back the significant stories of each and one of us. To touch something you have left untouched for a while can be scary at first. The SMG comes with a twist that can ease up your fear and makes it safe to touch the untouched. Nakamura, Hanai, Adachi and Nishiura will challenge with you as the SMG team. In the afternoon, Dr. Judith Davis will join us for the English version of SMG.