特別セミナー プログラム紹介Special Night Seminar -Program Introduction-

① 「精神看護CNS事例検討セミナー」(日本CNS協議会精神看護分野との共催)

  講師 栗原 順子(東京都立小児総合医療センター)
     馬場 華奈己(岡山大学医学部附属病院)



② 「PTSDのための精神療法の基本的な技術」   
  講師 ラルフ・モーラ(レイノルド・アーミー・コミュニティ病院)


③ 「―青年期創造性短期集中グループ―」
  講師 中村 有希
     国際基督教大学チーム:高田 毅・栗田七重


1. Case Seminar for CNS of Psychiatric Nursing
(In collaboration with the Field of Psychiatric Nursing, Japanese Association of Certified Nurse Specialist)

Lecturers:Junko Kurihara, RN,MSN,APRN-CNS
                     (Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s medical Information Center)
                  Kanami Baba, RN,MSN,APRN- CNS (Okayama University Hospital)

This program is in collaboration with the Field of Psychiatric Nursing of Japanese Association of CNS. Through a case seminar we will discuss how to understand and care difficult patients in psychiatric hospitals, general hospitals and communities. We will also discuss how to develop a role of Certified Nurse Specialist in an organization, how to cooperate with nursing supervisors or other workers, and how to improve their clinical skills. We will also discuss how to develop careers of nurses, to foster staff’s skills, and to develop a role in an organization.


2. Basic Techniques of Psychotherapy for PTSD

Ralph Mora, Ph.D., MSS, CAIA (Reynolds Army Community Hospital)

This seminar will provide an overview of the basic techniques used in psychotherapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It will begin with various assumptions regarding PTSD and how it is currently viewed which is as a naturally occurring phenomena in human life. From this perspective, trauma informed care is seen as relevant in the treatment of many mental, behavioral, and physical disorders which leads us to propose a holistic view of treatment in which there is no dichotomy between the mind and the body. This also includes reframing treatment from a pathogenic to a salutogenic approach. In light of this, the author will provide participants handouts specifically outlining techniques geared towards addressing key strategic areas in the effective treatment of trauma.


3. Psychotherapy for Adolescents -Short Term Intensive Group for Adolescent Creativity

Lecturers:Yuki Nakamura, Ph.D. (Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy )
                  Takada Tsuyoshi, M.A. (Team from International Christian University)
                  Nanae Kurita, M.A. (Team from International Christian University)

Short Term Intensive Group for Adolescent Creativity (abbr: AdoCre) is a psychoeducational group psychotherapy prescription which have been developed and practiced in keeping with the modern psychodynamics based on the adolescent identity group of Kotani and others (2001). The number of young people who are weak in bodily sense and rely on intellectualization, rationalization and narcissistic fantasy are increasing. They don’t have a chance to feel their lively energy. But they are adapting to the real world to some extent. This group therapy has refined the structure and intervention of the group in order to let these young people stay with their own energy and activate their energy to become creative. This seminar will give a demonstration and aim to understand the basic theory of AdoCre, structural intervention and the appeal of therapist intervention.