B-5, C-4. 福島サポートグループ

災害臨床プログラム ワークショップ【DCP】
アゴラ ワークショップ


  橋本 和典(PAS心理教育研究所 クリニカルディレクター)

    (午前・午後 2 回開催:片方の参加、2 回の参加、どちらも可能です。)


参加対象者:福島在住または、福島出身の方   定員:20名






Disaster Clinical Program [DCP]
Workshop in “Agora”

Support Group for the people of Fukushima

     Kazunori Hashimoto, M.A. (Institute of Psychoanalytic-Systems Psychotherapy)

Time: 2 times, the morning(9:30-11:30) and an afternoon(14:30-17:30)
         (you can participate in both or any time you like)

Language: Japanese

Participant: people in and from Fukushima        Capacity: 20 people


The “Fukushima problem” is ongoing. With the nuclear power problem, although we speak of ‘restoration’ we are facing the fact that Fukushima’s situation cannot return to exactly as it was before the disaster. In the face of this reality, what needs to be faced, regained, and created? For the people who have been directly damaged from the earthquake and tsunami, for the people who were living in the nuclear evacuation zone, for the people who have been evacuated from these areas to somewhere within or outside of Fukushima, for the people living through withstanding many losses and fear of radioactivity, for the people living away but care for and wishing to get involved with their hometown. In the ongoing threats we all suffer from crushing stress causing psychological trauma to pile up. We learned again in the pre-conference, past March, that the basis of prevention and treatment for psychological trauma is to “continue speaking about our experience little by little.” A support group with experts of psychological treatment using group, will be implemented for the people living in and who are from Fukushima to gather and to set each of our own “Fukushima” in right in front of us. It is an attempt by using the virtue of sharing our hometown, to let down each of our psychological burden and to picture each of our paths of restoration from before and after the disaster, now and from here on. We look forward to your participation.