A-3. 心的外傷サポートグループ、プレセラピィ・グループ、グループセラピィ

災害臨床プログラム ワークショップ【DCP】
アゴラ ワークショップ


構成・体験指導 :
  小谷 英文(国際基督教大学 教授 /認定集団分析的心理療法師 )


体験指導:参加者定員20名まで   参加対象者:専門家・一般市民



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Disaster Clinical Program [DCP]
Workshop in “Agora”

Supportive Group Pre-therapy and Group Therapy for Traumatic Events

Conductor (Presider) :
     Hidefumi Kotani, Ph.D. (Professor, International Christian University) 

Time: 9:30-11:30, 14:30-17:30

Didactic and Experiential: 20 professionals and citizens           Language: Japanese

The basic theory and technique of psychodynamic psychotherapy for people suffering from traumatic events will be shown didactically and experientially based on the conductor’s (presider’s) current practice at Sendai EJ Center. Participants can learn how to prepare for and to conduct treatment for trauma victims as well as ordinary citizens. They will also learn how to gain relief from their own stress caused by traumatic experience and ultimately how to cure themselves.