B-2. 力動的心理療法とヨガによる被災後の治癒

災害臨床プログラム ワークショップ【DCP】
アゴラ ワークショップ




言語:英語(通訳がつきます)   参加対象者:専門家・一般市民





Disaster Clinical Program [DCP]
Workshop in “Agora”

Post-Disaster Healing through Psychodynamic Therapy and Yoga

     Morton Kissen, Ph.D. (Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies,
                                         Adelphi University)

Time: 9:30-11:30 

Language: English (Japanese translation available)          Participant: Citizen and Professional


As a psychoanalyst, I have always believed that traumatic experiences need to be mourned for effective healing to occur. Having experienced the healing powers of yoga following the death of my daughter, I have become convinced that two different aspects of healing occur through the combined effects of psychoanalysis and yoga. One involves the memory process which for me has occurred through a repeated exposure to photographs and their associated remembrances of past experiences with my daughter. The other has involved a postural focus upon my body and breath in a highly mindful, self-compassionate and here-and-now fashion with very little memory.

This workshop will have both a didactic and experiential focus. The emphasis will be on a melding of psychoanalytic and yoga conceptions and techniques to heighten the effectiveness of healing from traumatic losses. After an initial presentation of a psychoanalytic approach that heightens sensory-motor and bodily awareness, two experiential exercises will be utilized to compare similarities and differences between the psychoanalytic and yoga models. It will be demonstrated and argued that combining the two models is an excellent way of enhancing the healing process.