B-7, C-6. こどものPTSD やさしい心のケア技法

災害臨床プログラム ワークショップ【DCP】
アゴラ ワークショップ

こどものPTSD やさしい心のケア技法

  川村 良枝(聖学院大学/PAS心理教育研究所)

     (午前・午後 2 回開催:片方の参加、2 回の参加、どちらも可能です。)

言語:日本語   参加対象者:専門家・一般市民





このワークショップでは、皆さんのおうちにも、職場にも、きっとある玩具、「積木」を使います。シンガポールの児童精神医学博士である、Dr. Kong Douglasに直接に教わった技法 (テクニック)をもとに、川村が日常場面でも使えるやり方に改定しました。



Disaster Clinical Program [DCP]
Workshop in “Agora”

To create a gentle time for someone dear to you; A Play technique for the traumatized children

      Yoshie Kawamura, Ph.D.  (Seigakuin University / Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy)

Time: 2 times, the morning(9:30-11:30) and an afternoon(14:30-17:30)
         (you can participate in both or any time you like)

Language: Japanese            Participant: Citizen and Professional


Many psychologists of children have addressed how play can progress development, have the effect to cure, and be significant in treatment for children.

Each of us, family, nurses of nursery schools, teachers and psychologists have the chance to play with children.This workshop is planned to aim for being able to care for our children in our daily lives.

In this workshop, we will use a toy that we all have in our homes and work places, ‘blocks’. Dr. Kawamura had revised the technique she had learned from Dr. Douglas Kong , a child psychiatrist in Singapore, to a daily life method.

We would like you to experience practically how effective it is to touch our hearts through playing with blocks. You will be able to encounter the psychological significance of play. We hope you to provide to your children a gentle time of play. Also, hope that this shall become the first step of psychological support to someone dear to your heart.