Programs (First day; 6th Nov. 2015)


Opening Ceremony


Presidential Lecture
“The Key to Overcome Helplessness- Dynamic Psychiatric Nursing –”
  Lecturer:Shiori Usami, Ph.D.
      (Professor, Kumamoto University ,Graduate School of Life
      Sciences,Department of Mental health and Psychiatric Nursing)


Keynote Lecture
“What we have lost in this global age: The individual and group dynamics involved in the ‘helplessness’ of oneself and others”
   Lecturer:Hidefumi Kotani, Ph.D.
       (President of International Association of Dynamic Psychotherapy/
       Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy)


Start-up Seminar ―First Step of Psychodynamic Approach―

1 The Psychopathology in Hikikomori – From the Viewpoint of Dynamic Approach
  Lecturer:Ken Ikegami, M.D. (Ikegami Clinic)

2 Effective Development in Liaison Psychiatric Team
        Lecturers:Kiyoka Nozue, RN, Ph.D  (Keio University Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)
                          Ayako Kaneko, RN,MSN,APRN-CNS (Tokyo Kyosai Hospital)
                          Yasuko Sato, RN,MSN,APRN-CNS (Tokyo Medical Center)

3 Psychodynamic Understanding and Approach –From the Viewpoint of Nursing Profession –
  Lecturers:Keiko Okaya, RN, Ph.D (Tokyo Medical University, School of Nursing)
                         Michiko Matsueda, RN,MSN (Fukuoka Prefectural University)
                         Yoko Kawada, RN,MSN,APRN-CNS (Yao Kokorono Hospital) 
                         Shiori Usami, Ph.D. (Kumamoto University)

4 Training of Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy for Beginners
  Trainers:Yukio No (Institute for Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy)
                       Yuki Nakamura, Ph.D. (Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy )
                       Shin-ichi Hirata, M.D., Ph.D. (Sakuragaoka Hospital)

5 Basic Technique of Psychodynamic Interview: Space Making, Therapeutic Intervention, and Assessment
  Instructors:Hidefumi Kotani, Ph.D., CGP,
                           Kayoko Hige, M.A. (Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy)

*3, 5 with translation (English/Japanese)



Special Night Seminar 

1 Case Seminar for CNS of Psychiatric Nursing
(In collaboration with the Field of Psychiatric Nursing, Japanese Association of Certified Nurse Specialist) 

  Lecturers:Junko Kurihara, RN,MSN,APRN-
CNS (Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s medical Information Center)
                         Kanami Baba, RN,MSN,APRN- CNS ( Okayama University Hospital)

2 Basic Techniques of Psychotherapy for PTSD
  Lecturer:Ralph Mora, Ph.D., MSS, CAIA (Reynolds Army Community Hospital)

3 Psychotherapy for Adolescents-Short Term Intensive Group for Adolescent Creativity
  Lecturers:Yuki Nakamura, Ph.D. (Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy )
                         Takada Tsuyoshi, M.A. (Team from International Christian University)
                         Nanae Kurita, M.A. (Team from International Christian University)