Programs :Second day; 13rd(Sat.), July 2013.

Agora : Reconstructing the Community and Discovering the Hidden Power of our Minds  after the Earthquake Disaster

  • 10:30-12:30 Opening Lecture and Workshop
                “Power from the ground state” : Martial performance and Large Group

                       -Hidden power of mankind can bevisualized, let’s challenge to see each others’
                       power from the ground state with the assistance of a master swordsman-

                          Martial performer: Fusaaki Koike
                                    (Kyoshi: Kendo Instructor/ Vice-President, Federation of Izumi–ward
                                    Sendai Kendo Society/ Japan)
                          Lead: Hidefumi Kotani, Ph.D., CGP 
                                    (Founder/ President, Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy/
                                    Japanese Representative, IAGP Trauma/Disaster Task force/ Japan) 

  • 12:30-13:30  Lunch Time / Individual consultation
                (We will provide a consultation service for those who are in need at the individual
                consultation booth.) 
  • 13:30-16:30 Workshops
                (Workshops for citizens and for professionals and IADP members are separately

                Workshops for Professionals: Training workshop for improving knowledge, 
                                                                   attitude and skills of psychotherapy.
                Workshop for Citiznzes: Workshop for touching our hearts and minds, feeling  
                                                          ourselves, letting down our psychological burden from
                                                          the disaster, and to restrain the hidden power of our

  • 16:45-17:30 Large Group
                To go through our day’s experience by putting it into words and sharing it with the
                whole group, participated by all. 
  • 18:30-21:00: Party (Fee :6000-yen)


Training Workshops for the Professionals and IADP members

  • The Challeng of psychotherapy, working with Traumatized Adolescent
       Trainer: Seth Aronson, Psy.D., FAGPA 
                     (FAGPA Fellow, Faculty and Training and Supervising Analyst,
                     William Alanson White Institute/ U.S.A.)
  • Psychotherapy for Traumatized Children
       Trainer: Ralph Mora, Ph.D., MSS, CAIA
                     (Staff Psychologist, Family Practice, BHC Iwakuni/ U.S.A.)
  • Introduction to OHTOHKOHESEI (Responding-Process-Training)
        Trainer: Yukio No
                     (Shonan Hospital / Chief, Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems
                     Psychotherapy/ Japan) 
  • Dynamic Pshychotherapy for Depression
        Trainer: Sadanobu Ushijima, M.D.
                      (Director, Mita Institute for Psychotherapy/ Japan)

  • From Clinical experiences at psychiatric hospital-Handling Silence and
    Aggression in Group Psychotherapy
         Trainer: Kazuya Yoshimatsu, M.D.
                       (Special Medical Advisor, Shikiba Hospital/ Japan)