From the President

We had a peaceful and meaningful 14th Conference of the IADP in Matsue, Japan, together with colleagues of the IAGP from the Pacific Rim and other regional countries of the world. We now have quite a hard time in East Japan struggling with the aftereffects of the disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. This huge natural disaster gave rise to a man-made disaster of helplessness known as the Fukushima problem. What can we do in the face of such unprecedented destruction? As psychological, medical or educational experts, as well as global citizens, all of us share profound concern. I, as the president of the IADP and the chair of the 18th Annual Conference, decided to get together in Sendai, a central city in East Japan, in order to assist people there in rehabilitation and recovery from this great disaster, and to provide psychological and symbolic support by our presence. We welcome you to join with us so we may search together for a new horizon, a common union of humanity discovering new ways to cope and rebuild life after critical situations of such great magnitude. I have no doubt that we will overcome the events of 11thMarch 2011 in East Japan just as the people did in New York, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki following the tragedies that unfolded in those cities in 2001 and 1945.

Hidefumi Kotani, Ph. D.
International Association of Dynamic Psychotherapy
President & Chair of the 18th Annual Conference