Start-up Seminar -Program Introduction-

 Start-up Seminar -First Step of Psychodynamic Approach-


1 The Psychopathology in Hikikomori – From the Viewpoint of Dynamic Approach

Trainer: Ken Ikegami (Ikegami Clinic) 

People who show “hikikomori” exists 696,000 currently, and it can be considered as a major social loss if the number increases. Half of the “hikikomori” are said to have mental disorders including obsessive-compulsive disorder and autistic disorder, however, the pathology and symptom behind “hikikomori” have not been noticed enough. First, this seminar offers a lecture on pathology, symptom, psychodynamics and family dynamics of obsessive-compulsive disorder, autistic disorder and others which are backgrounds of “hikikomori“. Then using a case of a patient who experienced “hikikomori”, we will deepen the understanding of treatment process and psychodynamics of the therapist and the patient.  


2. Effective Development in Liaison Psychiatric Team

Lecturers:Kiyoka Nozue   (Keio University Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)  
                  Ayako Kaneko (Tokyo Kyosai Hospital)  Yasuko Sato (Tokyo Medical Center)

This program is targeted for a treatment team member currently or possibly conducting liaison psychiatric team as well as nurses and psychiatric certified nurse specialist. This seminar is to improve our knowledge and techniques through lecture on 1) psychodynamics of a liaison psychiatric team, 2) method of team building, 3) group dynamics of the team and the effective method of its development, and role play of how to change the group dynamics and the role of each profession in it based on a case.    


3. Psychodynamic Understanding and Approach –From the Viewpoint of Nursing Profession –

Lecturers:Keiko Okaya (Tokyo Medical University, School of Nursing)  
                  Michiko Matsueda (Fukuoka Prefectural University)  
                  Yoko Kawada (Yao Kokorono Hospital) 
                  Shiori Usami (Professor, Kumamoto University Graduate School of Life sciences)

All nurse provide the nursing which is needed as they develop a reliable relationship with patients. This program offers a theory and technique on how to build a trusting relationship between a patient-nurse utilizing the psychodynamics of the patient. Utilizing a psychodynamic theory to understand a patient, the seminar discusses the way to build a trusting relationship which offers the patient safety and security as we assess symptoms, ego functions, self, and personality. We will discuss psychodynamic understandings of for patients who have a high risk of committing suicide, severe depression and strong anxiety, high impulsiveness, difficulties of involving due to their aggressiveness, and tendencies to split doctor and nurse, and a way to build a trusting relationship with them through lecture, simulation, and role playing.


4. Training of Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy for Beginners

Trainers:Yukio No (Institute for Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy)  
                Yuki Nakamura (Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy )
                Shin-ichi Hirata (Sakuragaoka Hospital)

The essence of dynamic group psychotherapy is that you get uplifted, and that it cheers you up. When we do something with our peer, we get more energetic, and uplifted. The purpose of this workshop is to share this essence.
The minimum thing required for the beginner is to start a group safely and end it safely. It is the same as the instruction of a car. The beginner works on dynamic group psychotherapy very hard. By doing so, it can resonate with the attitude of a patient and client who work very hard on his or her pathology, and it enables you to achieve a meaningful major work. Let us seek for the best part of the group psychotherapy through the experience of a group and its analysis. For that, we shall prepare for the minimum essentials.      

Reference: Hidefumi Kotani, Shudan Seishinryoho no Shinpo, introduction and chapter 7.


5. Basic technique of psychodynamic Interview: Space making, therapeutic intervention, and assessment

Instructor: Hidefumi Kotani, Ph.D., CGP,
                 Kayoko Hige, MA 
(Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy)

The psychodynamic psychotherapy technique is focused on me and not me interaction based on intra-psychic psychology which is quite different from psychoanalysis, interpersonal therapy, self and counseling psychology. The very basic factors of this approach are energy and information. 
Psychodynamic interview is the basic technique of the psychodynamic psychotherapy, but not limited its application to therapy session. It should be used practically for consultation, preparation interview, crisis and liaison intervention, group psychotherapy, and executive coaching for organizational development. We invite you to experience the psychodynamic world and to introduce and brush up practical use of basic techniques of psychodynamic interview.