Round Table Discussion(open to public)

“What can we do for aftermath of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear problem from our expertise?”

              Seth Aronson Psy.D. (William Alanson White Institute)
              Masahiro Nishikawa M.A. (International Christian University)

              Keitaro Tanoi, M.A. (University of Tokyo)
                   “influence of Radiocaesium Contamination to Agricultural Products”
              Tomoaki Adachi, Ph.D. (Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University)
                   “Influence of Earthquake Disaster Found in Children”

          Designated member of the panel:
              Haruo Kashima, M.D. (International University of Health and Welfare)

Language: English and Japanese (Japanese and English translation available)


In congress forum, Dr. Tanoi, studying the effect of radiation on the agricultural products in Fukushima, and Dr. Adachi, preventing children in Tohoku from psychological trauma, supporting their development and helping their parents, will provide their achievement and experience of their continuous action after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Then, as we invite discussion of Dr. Kashimafrom his long experience on psychiatric treatment and from brain neuroscience viewpoints, we hope that every participant will speak up, think, feel, and verify the present and future conditions and task due to the earthquake. This is an all-hands forum.